Escape room 1: Run, kids, Run!
Escape room 1: Run, kids, Run!

Escape room 1: Run, kids, Run!

(Escape the Academic Lyceum “Spectrum”)

Hello dear friend,

You are about to enter a fascinating world of digital escape rooms. Proceed with caution and beware of challenges that lie ahead. If you’ve mastered your courage feel free to press the button below!

P.S. It is recommended that you open this escape room in a separate tab in your web browser so that you don’t lose progress when clicking on necessary links.


One day you decided to stay behind after class and chill out with your classmates, eating pizza, playing games and talking. Time went by sooooo fast that… you’ve accidentally ended up locked inside the lyceum! Your only chance to avoid being scolded by your homeroom teacher Olga Yuryivna and your principal Tatiana Yevgenyivna is to escape the school building before you are found out by our watchman. Form a team to make use of your bonds, use your brain’s full potential, be agile and light fingered but don’t forget to act stealthily to make a perfect escape. And remember, no one is to be left behind!

Ready? Click the link below to begin!

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